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Historicon 2017 Painting Competition

Historicon FAQs

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on HISTORICON at the Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center (FECC). From time to time this list may grow, as new questions are raised or details need to be explained.

What is HISTORICON and where is it located?

Well it’s a gaming convention devoted to historical gaming. It’s being held at the Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center 2371 Carl D. Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 over 4 days in July every year. For info on the FECC, see the following links: Each year HISTORICON draws about 2500-3000 people from around the world and around 100 vendors offering everything you need to recreate military battles from across history or alternate battles drawn from your own imagination. Scenarios can range from historical ancients to history making moderns, while some even create games from the rich worlds of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. There are tournaments, seminars and a Hobby University of painting classes and events. Activities go from 8am until the wee hours. If you are a gamer, military history buff and within driving distance you should try and make it – even for just the day – you will love it!

What makes HISTORICON special? For me it is the people and friendships formed. I look forward to seeing this band of crazies every convention ... - THIS is the real reason I enjoy the convention. Oh yeah, and I did happen to buy some toys!

For more information about the HISTORICON convention here is the Google search on HISTORICON.

What is the historical miniatures gaming hobby?

If you do not know what historical miniatures gaming is, or are a newbie to the hobby, then check out the HMGS Newcomers Page for a step-by-step process in getting started in historical miniatures wargaming. You'll have even more fun at the convention!

Is parking available on site at the FECC, and if so, is it free or what does it cost?

The FECC has over 1200 free parking spaces.

How far is the closest major airport from the FECC?

Three airports are located within an hour's drive: Richmond International, Dulles International, and Reagan National Airports.

What are the closest hotels; are any located on site at the FECC?

Historicon has secured room blocks for attendees in nine hotels in Fredricksburg. For more information on these hotels click on Lodging under Attendee Info

What dining options are available at the FECC and in the surrounding area?

The Fredericksburg Expo and Conference Center is located in the Central Park Shopping Complex -- the 7th largest mall in the United States. There are over 250 stores and restaurants within a 10 minute walk of the FECC. A listing of the restaurants can be found Central Park Restaurants

What are the local attractions at Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas?

The Fredericksburg area is rich in history and the site of four major battles of the American Civil War: Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, the Wilderness, and Spotsylvania Courthouse. Among the sites to see are:

- Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania County Battlefields Memorial
- Richmond National Battlefield Park

- Manassas National Battlefield Park
- Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center
- Marine Corps Museum
George Washington's Birthplace

Other sites of interest, include:

- King's Dominion Amusement Park
- Cannon Ridge Golf Course

What is the layout of the convention space at the FECC?

For the first time in many years, HISTORICON will be located in one building, with over 90,000 square feet for gaming, seminars, and vendors! This year's HISTORICON will have

- Bright lighting in every area
- 45,000 square feet for gaming in Exhibit Hall B
- 35,000 square feet for vendors in Exhibit Hall A
- 6 club rooms each 45' X 38'
- 5 seminar rooms
- Separate unloading areas with large roll up doors for vendors' and gaming halls
- 1,200 parking spots!
- A concession stand

A floor plan of the Expo Center can be seen at HISTORICON 2012 Floor Plan

When will the Vendor Packets be available?

Vendor Packets were sent out in early March. If you have not received an Vendor Packet you can download one at: Vendor Packet

What is the cost of admission to the convention?

Admission & HMGS Membership Prices:  
Pre-Reg HMGS Member Admission (Weekend)
Pre-Reg HMGS Other Chapter Member Admission (Weekend)
Pre-Reg Non-Member Admission (Weekend)
Onsite Weekend - HMGS Member
Onsite HMGS Other Chapter Member Admission (Weekend)
Onsite Non-Member Admission (Weekend)
New/Renew 1-Year HMGS Membership
1-day Admission for HMGS member (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) [Note: 1-day admission only sold at the convention.]
Sunday only Admission for HMGS member [Note: Sunday admission only sold at the convention.]

1-day Admission for non-HMGS member (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) [Note: 1-day admission only sold at the convention.]


One day post card admission
Youth (14 or younger)
Spouse (Non Playing family member of attendee)
The primary GM (not assistants) will automatically receive free admission if he or she is a HMGS Member (any Chapter) and the event is submitted for inclusion in the Preliminary Events List. To qualify, a game must include at least 16 ‘gamer-hours’. A Gamer Hour = one gamer for one hour---example: 4 players for 4 hours = 16 Gamer Hours. Convention Management reserves the right to refuse any game or admission. Game Masters who are not HMGS Members register as normal attendees and pay the normal attendee admission fee. GM badges will be available at the Pre-Reg Desk at the convention.
Pre-registration Admission for a Gamemaster, who is not a HMGS member
Wally's Basement Table Prices (formerly the Flea Market):  
1 Table: Thursday, 2 PM - 5 PM
1 Table: Friday, 10 AM - 1 PM
1 Table: Friday, 2 PM - 5 PM
1 Table: Saturday, 10 AM - 1 PM

1 Table: Saturday, 2 PM - 5 PM

1 Table: Sunday, 9 AM - 11 AM

Will there still be a "Flea Market" at HISTORICON? Will there be any additional fees or any other changes as compared to previously?

There will be a flea market (called Wally's Basement), which will run similar to last year. Cost per session is $25/each. However, only HMGS members will be allowed to sell their unwanted hobby items (due to local tax restrictions). Due to Fire Marshal rules, all flea markets at all HMGS conventions will no longer allow any materials placed on the floor (unless behind a table for storage only; i.e., no sales are allowed from materials placed on the floor). In addition, due to more space being available now in the Exhibit Hall, would-be or quasi vendors (in the opinion of HMGS Board of Directors or senior convention management) will not be allowed to utilize the flea market; they may only purchase booth space or share booth space with another vendor.

What is the process by which GMs and Flea Marketeers unload/load their materials at the FECC?

Since there is free onsite parking, and access from many entry points at the FECC, this process will be up to the individual GMs and Flea Marketeers (i.e., drive up, unload, go park your car, or park your car and bring in your materials). As the convention gets closer, more details will be posted on access points to the FECC, especially for the Flea Marketeers.

When will Gamemasters (GMs) be allowed to send in their games?

Just like in previous years, the GM Event Registration will open the day after the Cold Wars convention at the HISTORICON website. However, also like in previous years, the Events Manager will contact clubs prior to that date to allow them more time to organize their GMs and submit their game list quickly.

Will there be a secured lockable area for storage of GM materials at the Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center?

There are no plans for secure/locked storage for GM materials.



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