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Personal Project Blog of Gregory Zuniga. Just a little slice of the internet that I can post my personal project photos. Projects are what ever crosses my paint desk and catch my eye. Hobby University Staff Member since 2010.


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Hasslefee: "I am Wrath"

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Saturday, September 30, 2017
Getting ready for Reapercon and I figure i would post up one of the figures i have been working on to bring it to the show. Hopefully I will have this done and be able to put a few hours in to a mecha figure I would like to bring.

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Tags:  Airbrushing  Hasslefree  Painting Contest  reaper paints  Reapercon  weathering 

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Keep on walking part 3

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Monday, August 28, 2017

Yes I know I'm bad about updating this. I got distracted by new projects but I'm semi back now. For the stones I use a very wet paint blending which is a modification of Jim Wappels shaded base coat. Idea is use a wet and just slight water paint and loosely lay down a base coat that with work as an under color. The next wet color near a section will blend with minimal work which leaves the stones similar yet different. More thin colors can be applied on top. Idealistically if I work the next layer the previous color with work as an under shade and continue to add a soft individual look to each rock with out me over working single stones at a time.

See Jim's excellent blog here:


Until next time

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Tags:  Airbrushing  reaper paints  Reapercon  Wip 

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"Keep on Walking" part 2

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Sunday, May 28, 2017

Some mild progress on the display base. I promised to keep updating work in progress pics as I remember. Now I am happy with it I have to work on some gutter and road trash. 


The charity project got me out of a blending technique that I was practicing on so spending some time this weekend getting back to it.

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Tags:  Airbrushing  Bombshell Miniatures  Display Base  Reaper miniatures  reaper paints  Reapercon  Sculpting  Wip 

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"Keep on Walking"

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Saturday, May 20, 2017
Starting one of my display piece that if I am lucky will be ready for world expo but that I am really shooting for Reapercon with. Idea is a adventurer outside a tavern. I will try and keep up with these work in progress blitz of pics when ever I can.

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Tags:  Display Base  Painting Contest  Reaper miniatures  Reapercon  Sculpting 

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NOVA Open Charitable Foundation

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Sunday, April 23, 2017

So i got to paint for the NOVA Open Charity Foundation.  The proceeds go to Doctors with out Boarders which as a physical therapist is a group very near and dear to me.  I do play Wrath of Kings but is was a nice change to break out of my usual group.


If you would like to bid please check out:

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Tags:  Charity  House Gortsi  Nova Open  Wrath of Kings 

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Painting Yourself in to a Corner

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Monday, April 10, 2017

So back from Cold Wars and in full swing at my paint desk. Lets talk about the trap of painting yourself in to the corner. I started with Tara the silent miniature from reaper minis knowing I wanted to do a black leather using the Vallejo Dark Sea blue and a warmer leather. This left me in the lurch for the cape though as it will fall between the normal split complementary triad that I shoot for. Thank fully my friend Jim Wappel was able to help talk the issue out with me.  Burgundy with a dark blue shadow.  Get this! A pale green to work up the highlight. 

Recipe for the color is in the last picture is Burgundy wine base coat,  Blue liner + Burgundy wine for shadows, Burgundy wine with pale lichen for first highlight, pale lichen for final highlight.. Jim recommended undead flesh but I have issues with the color with how I have blending lately.

Often our colors are predetermined in military figures but how we mix highlights and shadows in to those colors can often change he results. When stuck between colors don't be afraid to reach out some times. With a figure inches from our nose while painting it is easy to get stuck in color.

Enough mad rambling...Happy Painting!


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Tags:  Painting Contest  Reaper miniatures  reaper paints  Wip 

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Scale 75 "Steampunk in miniatures"

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Sunday, February 26, 2017

Scale 75 "Steampunk in miniatures"

Here is a chapter by chapter highlights and an overall review.

The book is soft cover,184 pages with inclusion of a gallery chapter, with over 450 photos. I am not counting all the photos in the book, but let's just say there are a ton of photos.

Chapter 1:
The chapter starts with many painter’s least favorite activity, figure preparation and priming. They cover an individual posting method and then a whole figure assembled painting method. On priming they cover single color priming and Zenith priming.

Chapter 2:
They define some painting terms such as highlight, shadow and intermediate tone. I'm going to be honest, typically these sections use to bother me in painting books, but as I learn how often painting language is imprecise and how painters from different backgrounds may use the same terms differently, I am finding it more and more important to read these sections. Not that it brings a huge amount in the way of knowledge for painters at an intermediate or above level.

Chapter 3:
They discuss the push and pull of the brush but also quickly jump into skin, hair, pants and leathers. In the leather section, they do a fantastic job, going beyond the basics and discussing several textures and types of leather. Older, new, matte and shiny leathers are covered. At first I thought this section was unusual compared to the following sections in the book. I realized they were indeed teaching various techniques to apply highlights and glaze in colors. They were using the various surfaces to show how broad or narrow highlighting and shadowing will have to be.

Chapter 4:

Nonmettalic metal (NMM). I loved this chapter! It starts off with different shape illumination examples at the beginning to help understand light and dark effects and how that is a bit different in NMM then matte material such as cloth. The metallic types covered are gold, silver, copper, and chrome (silver and gold)

Chapter 5:

True Metallics: For everything I loved about the NMM section, this chapter isn't the same quality. I can tell the pictures were difficult to photograph and the presentation isn't as sharp as the NMM. Some will say that NMM is a superior technique but at the 75 mm scale, I have seen both techniques create some head turning results. I just don't think this was the artist’s preferred method, and while good and informative, it shows.

Chapter 6:

Glass: While they are being very thorough by including this, a 2-page chapter is a bit overkill. The directions are clear and great for lenses and gems.

Chapter 7:

Airbrushing: What the glass chapter lacks, this chapter makes up for. It covers the basic equipment and thinning techniques. While this is not my method of thinning my airbrush paints, I have to admit, I don't use their product either. They show solid base coating and the beginning of building up color in layers. They also cover basic masking techniques and sheer stockings.

Chapter 8:

Full process: They work start-to-finish on a Brigitte Lafayette figure. She is the newest steamwar 75mm figure at the time the book was written. They use both airbrush and brush techniques and tie together a large number of the previous chapters without being overly redundant. Some new color recipes are included while keeping techniques the same. The full figure color reference palate at the end of the chapter was an especially nice touch.

Chapter 9:

Smog Rider: Smog riders are the Chibi steampunk line. Chibi is something I am hit or miss about. I find the market being overly saturated with the Chibi idea. When done right they can be cute and fun palate cleansers. I find most on the market right now unoriginal and plain rip-offs rather than anything new or exciting. The start-to-finish is much like the previous chapter and continues to tie the individual colors and techniques in, showing what a whole project can be. It does stop short of being an exact or thorough step by step though.

Chapter 10:

Construction: This is an amazing chapter that does a detailed and thorough display build. I honestly wish there was more of these available in either book or online tutorials. They go step by step over laying it out, cutting out, building and painting. While some processes are touched on quicker than others, it does show how a good display build helps to frame out models.

Chapter 11:

Art Gallery:  Not much to see here but some very nice close up pictures of the scale 75 display pieces. A little showing off and bragging (also marketing) on their part, sure. Though I can’t blame them the pieces are nice and it shows off the large scale steam punk figures and acts as a hopeful inspiration starter.

The book hits the right mark between pictures and text. They often favor simple directions which given a wide audience and possible translations I cannot blame them for. The setup of techniques being taught first then followed by full piece build allows familiarity to keep a person from being too lost if they are trying to do the full build on their own. For those starting out or into a few larger scale paint projects such as 54mm-90mm this book can help. They are set in the sweet spot that would help a beginner and still give some solid ideas to an intermediate painter. I feel far better about this purchase then many other books I have reviewed and would give it a solid 4 out of 5.

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Tags:  Airbrushing  Pin up  Product Review  scale 75 

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Back to the painting swing

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Wednesday, September 7, 2016

With the days clicking away to Reapercon I feel the need to get back to regular panting so dived back in the last 3 days.


Started putting together a Bombshell Miniatures spaceship, I did one of these for toys for tots and had so much fun I had to buy one for myself.

Sally Starfield in her snazzy orange space suit is from Bombshell miniatures as well. Trying to get back to her and finish up the project I had in mind.

X:men from Knight Models for a friends son.  The cut away triangles in Wolverine's uniform may cause a few sanity checks.

 Jo March is a steampunk figure from the Infamy. Trying to get the red just right with her will set up a lot of the details and make things pop.


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Tags:  Airbrush  Bombshell Miniatures  Counterblast  Infamy miniatures  Knight models  The Big Smoke  X-Men 

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Gencon 2016

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Friday, August 12, 2016

Well I survived another Gencon!


I taught 3 classed of dirty and distressed with all but one no show so i count that as a win. So 29/30 out of students and got very positive feed back so that feels great.


I received a bronze in large figure and got a 2nd place with mega con miniatures.  As always I want to thank the company manufacturers for contributing to the prize pool. Its a great way to share the fun with everyone.

 Spent most of today recovering so painted a airbrush space scene to warm me up and get me back in painting. 


Short post while I am still recovering.

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Tags:  Airbrushing  Gencon  Mercsm Megacon games  Painting Contest  scale 75  Sci-fi  Secret weapon paint 

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Domo arigato mr roboto: A review of In Comat: Painting Mecha

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Sunday, June 5, 2016

While I am sure not every one is a mecha fan. I love bots in my retro-sci fi games and they even sneak in to my pulp.  Plus they are just fun to paint whether they are bright and over the top anime or gritty and battle worn they are a great area that can combine a lot of different techniques. 

The book is put out by Ammo owned by Mig Jimenez.  The same group that brings out weathering magazine.

The book is 91 pages soft cover. With 4 artice contributors Mig Jimenez, Oishi, Chulho Yoo, and Lucas Zampriolo.  65 pages include instruction with associated pictures and what I would consider 26 page inspiration gallery. 

Mig does what I would consider repaint of a classic colored plastic kit. The plastic is the color of the intended parts and Mig pushes the kit further with individual highlights and shadows.  Also weathering done to give am much more complicated depth to the model.  In all these techniques show what a little more work does to an off the shelf model that we often associate with

Oishi project while still a repaint uses less of the original paint job and brings his model more in to the current military colors.  Also covers treads both with airbrush and pigment mix.  I feel a lot of time was given to the tread and weathering.  His highlight and shading techniques I feel would have been nice to see as well.  I am going to try and imitate the style for his guns and armor plates in the future. 

Chulho Yoo project is a split between Oishi and Mig's.  he has the brighter anime color that Mig had but Oishi repainting. The weathering also takes more of a grittier less chipped feel then Migs.  with out being the clumped mud that Oishi had. 

 Lucas Zampriolo project has a more complex build and it was very nice to see how he constructed  and repostioned a lot of the parts.  Can help those who want to do more major conversions see how it is done.  Lucas also gave presented how he modified when a change also changed a different part.  He also presented a different chipping technique compared to Mig's. More useful for the unpainted resin or plastic figures.  It was also nice to see taping being done. Other projects appear to use taping his is the only one that showed it.

Over all impression is that I would rather have spent the money buying 2 issues of the weathering magazine. I feel that for less of a price I would get the same number of new techniques out of the reading.  This book if good if you are solely interested in mecha figures and wanted specific guided examples.  I know some people who want that focused description and how to.  If this was a stronger step by step guide I would consider it as such but it feels to much half way between how to and a mixed technique guide.

Tags:  Airbrushing  Ammo  pigments  Product Review  Sci-fi  weathering 

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